This page contains an example of what you free response blog entries could look like. My entry is from my study abroad experience in Costa Rica. Your entries don’t have to have this many pictures, but they could.

I have really been missing my family this week, but staying involved with other students has helped me feel better. Here are some of the things I have been up to this week:

We visited Volcan Poas and La Paz waterfall gardens. Volcan Poas is one of the largest volcanos in Costa Rica. It is very high, and the large crater smells like burning sulfur. The other, smaller crater is a dead lake. Here are some pictures:

Above the smaller lake crater and the large sulfur smelling crater.

Very High Altitude!

We also went to La Paz Waterfall gardens. In addition to waterfalls, there is also a butterfly and humming bird garden. There is a series of five waterfalls in a row, and below is a picture of me in front of one of them.

In the Chicago area where I’m from, we don’t have many waterfalls or volcanos, so these trips were very special and unique for me. One thing that I am used to is seeing a lot of graffiti around chicago, but what I have been seeing here is a lot different. I’m amazed to find graffiti on museums and national monuments because those places are some what sacred and off-limits to taggers in America. Also, a lot of American graffiti seems to be related to gangs, whereas here, in San Jose, much of the graffiti is politically motivated. Some of the pictures I posted below make me feel somewhat unwelcome to be in Costa Rica and make me realize how decisions my country makes effect the rest of the world.

How do these examples of Costa Rican graffiti make you feel?


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